Not everyone wants furniture from a standard range. Each client is different, and many want something unique, which won’t be seen anywhere else.

A demand for high quality personalised Italian furniture led us to create our own tailor-made brand called Allegra B.


Bespoke furnitureThe Allegra B tailor-made line was conceived precisely for those looking for unique solutions, whether because their designers have specific demands or because bespoke dimensions and finishes are required to complete the design schedule. Send us an image of what you like, along with the dimensions, and we will respond with our proposal and drawings for your approval.


Our selected Italian artisan craftsmen use the finest materials to hand-craft beautiful furniture to your specifications. Whether you want antique brass or bronze, crystal, cashmere, saddle leather, ebony or parchment, we guarantee the result is always the best. Our bespoke designs allow us to mix classic and contemporary styles or create a new piece to fit your dimensions and unique colour scheme.